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#39 Leading traders reflect on trading through the Coronavirus Crisis

April 08, 2020 Steven Goldstein & Mark Randall with Anthony Crudele, Brett Steenbarger, Adam Nash and Greg Gossett. Season 1 Episode 39
The AlphaMind Podcast
#39 Leading traders reflect on trading through the Coronavirus Crisis
Show Notes

The last few weeks have seen traumatic times in the financial markets. Trading conditions in all markets have seen unparalleled volatility and liquidity levels in excess of the worst of 2008 and which few have ever experienced. 

In this special one-off episode we hear from 4 'Masters of the Markets, who each have been previous guests on the AlphaMind podcast and who have agreed to share their reflections and experiences of the past few week's violent market conditions.

The guests are :

Anthoney Crudele: Veteran S&P futures trader, and host of The Futures Radio Show podcast.

Brett Steenbarger: Trading Psychologist, Author and Coach to Hedge Fund Portfolio Managers and a market investor.

Adam Nash: A highly successful and distinguised trader with over 3 decades trading European Rates & Bond Markets futures. 

Greg Gossett: Greg has spent over 23 years as US Equities Retail Trader and has established an excellent track record in that time.  

These distinguished guests possess vast amounts of experience in financial markets and represent a range of styles, markets, and areas of expertise. 

Over the course of these 4 ten minute interviews, each of these guests share valuable advice insights and perspectives of the past few weeks volatile and highly challenging market price actions. 

Listeners will find this episode a tremendous resource to help them navigate these wild and unprecedented market conditions, which may be a more frequent feature of the markets as this crisis continues to unfold.

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