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#68 Merritt Black - Golden Nuggets of Trading Wisdom

May 05, 2021 Steven Goldstein & Mark Randall with Merritt Black Season 2 Episode 9
The AlphaMind Podcast
#68 Merritt Black - Golden Nuggets of Trading Wisdom
Show Notes

Merritt Black, our first returning guest, shares his personal insights and deep wisdom about the challenges traders face in the battle to succeed.  
 Merritt is the founder & head of trading at Apteros Trading, a proprietary trading firm, before that he headed futures and commodities trading at SMB Capital. 
 The first episode with Merritt in September 2019 proved enduringly popular and has remained one of our most downloaded episodes. In this new episode, as in the previous one, Merritt shares a depth of wisdom, honesty and humility which is rare. He allies that with an ability to encapsulate the key challenges traders face in their battles they face with both themselves and the markets. 

In this episode Merritt talks about the benefits of working in a proprietary trading business. He tells how working in a proprietary trading firm supports traders by fostering their trading development and providing them mentorship and guidance and a collaborative experience as they progress in their trading careers. 

Merritt also talks about Apteros's NADRO Methodology, which is a trading system, method and approach built on principals that teach the trader the language of the markets, helps provide direction for how they engage with the market, and supports their development of their trading playbook. 

This interview is in reality more of a conversation and broadens out to cover a whole range of themes around the behaviours, mindsets and attitudes traders need to embrace to power their development and growth 
 This episode is full of nuggets of wisdom, too numerous to mention and summarise. One thing is for certain though, the listener will learn so much from this episode that will both educate them and challenge them on some of their deep-held beliefs. 

You can learn more about Merritt and his work by visiting Apteros’s webpage:

Merritt can be followed on Twitter here:

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